Web solutions

Real time website supervision

The unique and ideal control device :

  • Central monitoring of one or more HD-S remote panels
  • Traffic management and Analysis (data collected by HD panels equipped with a radar and traffic analysis function) and a report of statistical syntheses updated every 6 hours as a minimum.
  • Remote HD panels with a remote technical surveillance with direct access to checking battery condition, solar panels, radar, etc.
  • Real time technical alarm upload (failure or risk of failure of HD panel)
  • System also used in applications of road weather, traffic, monitoring of civil engineering structures, etc.

Performance and Redundancy of the systems :

  • 2 high speed internet connections
  • Virtualised servers with VMWare technology
  • Substantial storage bay (RAID 50)
  • Our technological options

Data security :

  • CISCO firewall latest version
  • UPS with SMS alarm system
  • Backup level 1 : NAS
  • Backup level 2 : daily data duplication to external site (Data center)
  • Infrastructure maintenance by an IT services company